Bangladesh Tourism Board conduct a training season at wonder park and eco Reassort.

We are really happy to introduce today, October 8, 2023, a training program from the Bangladesh Tourism Board and the Ministry of Civil Aviation and Tourism at our Wonder Park and Eco Resort Morjal, Raipura, Narshingdi, for our office staff and support service section. This program aims to enhance our employees’ knowledge and skills in the tourism industry, allowing them to provide exceptional service to our valued guests. We believe that this training program will not only benefit our staff but also contribute to the overall growth and development of the tourism sector in Bangladesh.

Summary of the training:

  1. The significance of training programs in the tourism industry and their impact on enhancing employees’ knowledge and skills
  2. The benefits of providing exceptional service to guests in the tourism sector and its importance for attracting more visitors.
  3. The role of Wonder Park and Eco Resort Morjal in promoting tourism in Narshingdi, Bangladesh, and how this training program contributes to its development.
  4. Exploring the potential growth opportunities for the tourism sector in Bangladesh with a focus on employee training and skill enhancement to meet the demands of a growing industry.
  5. The importance of continuous learning and professional development in the tourism sector to stay competitive in a global market

The program focuses on enhancing the skills of residents to work in various roles within the tourism sector, such as tour guides, hotel staff, and customer service representatives. By providing these training opportunities, Wonder Park and Eco Resort Morjal not only contribute to the development of tourism in Narshingdi but also create employment opportunities for the community.

Additionally,  continuous learning and professional development in the tourism sector help improve the overall quality of services provided to tourists. This, in turn, enhances the reputation of Narshingdi as a tourist destination and attracts more visitors. Furthermore, the program also promotes sustainable tourism practices, ensuring that the local community and environment are not negatively impacted by the influx of tourists. Overall, the commitment to continuous learning and professional development in the tourism sector is crucial for the long-term success and growth of both Wonder Park and Eco Resort Morjal, as well as the entire tourism industry in Narshingdi.

I hope that our collaboration will continue in the future for all skill-building and knowledge-sharing projects. We can build a successful tourism economy that benefits not just the businesses involved but also the neighborhood and environment by cooperating and helping one another. Together, let’s make Narshingdi a viable and appealing travel destination for visitors from all over the world.